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  • 9.7 inch led backlit display
  • safari web browser
  • thin and light
  • up to 10 hours battery life
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Free iPad...

The Apple iPad brings a new product to the technology world. Pitched somewhere between and iPod and a MacBook, it had proven to be the hot tech product of the year. You can now get an iPad for free!

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Our simple three-stage process will allow you to get your very own free iPad! Your iPad will be brand new and factory sealed. Don't forget, getting your new iPad involves absolutely no costs to you. Just make sure you choose one of the free offers hignlighted in stage two below.

Please note that this offer is now available worldwide, so sign up today!

Three steps to your Free iPad

Step One

First, click here to commence the sign up process. Please don't worry about unwanted emails, your details will never be shared to any third party. We just want to keep you informed on the progress of your new Apple iPad.

Step Two

Participate in just one of the trial offers presented to you after stage one. All of these are all operated by trusted household brands, so there is no need to worry about the security of your data. Make sure you check out the free offers, a few of the best one are intuit, LoveFilm and Homestead. Make sure you complete one of these so that you don't pay a thing for your new iPad.

Step Three

The final stage requires you to get some of your friends, family or colleagues to also up and complete one of the offers. The exact number required depends on which iPad you want - either the 3G or the 3G + Wi-Fi version. If you need any help, please tkae a look at our FAQ page.

The Apple iPad

Technical details coming soon.