Free iPhone 4

Free iPhone 4

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Free iPhone 3GS

Free iPhone 3GS

  • new entry level iPhone
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Free White iPhone

Free white iPhone 4

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Free iPad

Get a free iPad

  • 9.7 inch led backlit display
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you give away free iPhones?

This is made possible thanks to the commission we get when you complete an offer. The company you choose to do an offer with (such as Lovefilm) pays us a commission. This also happens when your family and friends also sign up. It is this money which pays for the free iPhones we hand out. It’s a simple and works!

Have you any proof that this works?

Yes do do! The BBC News channel and the BBC2 program Newsnight, NBC, CNN and the New York Times have all looked into this type of business model and confirmed that it really does work. Check out Exceem, the forum dedicated to freebies for further evidence from hundread of people just like you.

Will this cost me anything?

As long as you complete one of the free offers then it is totally free. You can choose one of the others, but some may have a small deposit of around £5/$7. Even if you choose one of these, it's not a bad deal for a free iPhone 16GB!

Which countries residents can take part?

Our offers are now available throughout the world, although some of the offers may vary from those mentioned on these pages depending on your particular location.

Is it safe to provide detail when I sign up?

We only conduct business with trusted companies who have a proven record. We will ever share, sell or give away your information. You will never receive any unsolicited emails or any other form of communication. We simply want to keep you updated on the progress of your free smartphone.

What excatly is a referral?

You will get a unique referral link after you have signed up. It is this link that your family and friends will need to use when they sign up. It is these sign ups that are known as referrals.

I can’t get enough family or friends to sign up, do you have any tips?

Yes we do! There are many other ways you can get people to sign up:

  1. Create a blog or website to get people interested.
  2. Email your friends and colleagues to get them involved.
  3. Join an conga where you can get two referrals for completing just one offer.
  4. Distribute some leaflets or flyers.
  5. Place an advert on your local free ads board or in a newsagents window.
  6. Get your facebook friends to sign up.
  7. Spread the word through your Twitter feed.
  8. Offer reluctant people money to sign up. It could prove worthwhile if you’re getting a free white iPhone 4!
Is there anything else I should know?

Only one sign up per internet connection or IP address is allowed, so please don’t sign up under a different name - you will be found out and your genuine referrals will be wasted. You may also have your account put on hold.